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This is the Sanctuary at Salem, one of the largest and most renowned Holy Places anywhere near Rhydin. Pilgrims come from thousands of miles away to pray here. The Salemites each spend daily prayer time here, with few exceptions. The Sanctuary has a mysterious past, as know one knows for sure who constructed it or when it was built. The 3-d Cross at the top, which glows white in the mornings, blue in the afternoons and red in the night, is a marvel that still confounds those who study it.

Ancient Lore holds that the Sanctuary was a gift from God, although modern historians believe it was built just before the birth of Joshua Christian DeMaxx, the current Knight of Salem, by the original Salem Knight, Joshua's Father. In any case, the building is a superb and finely designed piece of architecture, with no known likenesses, as it deviates from the Gothic buildings of Rhydin. This is the only known map of the Sanctuary, as drawn by the collective efforts of the Salemites, particularly Joshua and Thomas.

This is not, by any means, a definitive sketch. There are many unknown secrets to the Sanctuary, some even say the building is alive, as it makes strange noises and voices are heard where only walls exist. Rooms in the Sanctuary are unexplicable closed off, travel there is restricted and wanderers can only guess (as do some Salemites) as to what goes on in those places.

The two rooms of main interest are The Glass Room, appears to be nothing but a small area encased in glass. Rumors persist that Lady Eleanor and Sir Joshua Christian would mysteriously appear and disappear while within the room; how the arrived there is a mystery. Directly across from this room lays another room, an exact duplicate, only without the glass; instead of glass, large mirrors surround it- anyone who knows what lays within has yet to reveal its secret. Other unkown rooms abound, there purposes and entrances hidden from the living... as far as anyone knows.




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