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The Archives of Salem

"Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge."

::In front of you, an old man stands, leaning on a cane. With a voice that is stronger than his body seems capable of producing, he intones the simple lives of the people of the land and then he smiles, sweeping his arm backwards, across the large room before you::

Welcome to the Archives, just beyond the Main Chapel. If you are here, then you must be in search of history. Perhaps you wish to know more about Lord Joshua Christian, the First Knight of Salem or do you seek information on his sons, Joshua and Thomas? What of their friends and allies, the Salemites, the DeMaxx's and the Dupre's? Or maybe some of the news from all over the realm. There are many chronicles here, all preserved for your study, so that you may learn more about this land, about the mysteries that lay within and about the people who have called it home.

Besides tales, you will find maps, the only known maps of the Kingdom of Salem and the Sanctuary, as well as other rare charts. I will leave you now and I will be nearby should you need my assistance.

The Tale of the Knight of Salem (Joshua Christian DeMaxx)- Born as he was, loved as he did and living on still, this tale Chronicles the journies of Joshua Christian DeMaxx, the Wind Knight. Beginning over a thousand years ago and ending in the present day, it is not a story of greatness; it is not the bravado of a hero; this is the adventure of one man and the chronicle of the life he journies through.

The Story of Jade Lockpicker(The succesor to Josha DeMaxx)-A young kender mage and a newcomer to Salem was about to find himself in the middle of much more than he expected. This set of scrolls is a history of this person and what happened to allow him to move up to the top.

Maps of Salem

A Map of the Sanctuary at Salem- This is the only known, accurate drawing of this beautiful building. Drawn by the Salemites, particularly Joshua, this detail sketches the rooms and layout of the Sanctuary as best knowledge serves them. Many secrets still lay undiscovered, however. Rooms with no entrances, glass that reflects nothing and objects that change color are only a few of the secret of this hallowed place. Not to mention the ghosts...

A Detail Map of the Great Hall of WindSong Castle- This detailed map brings the image of WindSong castle close to home, allowing for a more personal look at how Salem brings its people together.

A Map of the Kingdom of Salem- This is the official map of the Kingdom of Salem, the only one known to exist. A work of care and research, it was drawn by an unknown hand. It lists and locates all major areas of the Kingdom.

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