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The Story of Jade Lockpicker.

The story of a young mage

Jade Lockpicker was a kender mage from Krynn just out of the Mage's school. After he had passed he was struck by a wanderlust as all kender are. This lead him on an adventure that he could only have dreamed of. . .

On one of the adventures he ended up on, the kender stumbled into a Portable Black Hole, and was carring a poutch of holding. The two interacted and the poutch and contents survived but were warped with the kender into the country of Salem. There he meet Josha Demaxx(See Josha's Story for background on him.). It was then that he joined Salem Eternal, a guild that would one day in the future become his responsiblty, but the kender didn't know it yet.

He was a good member trying to keep up and a good friend. Not to mention he didn't find much stuff consitering he is a kender. This allowed him to be on good graces with most of the people in Salem.

Everything was going smoothly in Salem until a small political problem caused friction between Josha and Shane Demaxx. This was the start of a problem of epic porportions. When the dust settled, Salem found itself leaderless. It was soon after that Jade Lockpicker heard his call.

As Josha had left, many things had happened, the guild fell apart and needed to be reorganized. With that problem in mind Jade procided to search Windsong Castle in a way only theives and kenders can. With help from Josha's mun, Jade found the doucments and scrolls that he needed to Reorganinze and keep what was left of Salem and the guild of Salem Eternal alive.

As this is not a Complete story, it may be updated. I hope you found it helpful in your search for knowledge.

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